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[Pre3] Rufibach, K., Heinzmann, D., Monnet, A. (2019). Integrating Phase 2 into Phase 3 based on an Intermediate Endpoint While Accounting for a Cure Proportion. arxiv | R code from paper on github |

[Pre2] Meller, M., Beyersmann, J., Rufibach, K. (2018). Joint modelling of progression-free and overall survival and computation of correlation measures. arxiv

[Pre1] Beyer, U., Dejardin, D., Meller, M., Rufibach, K., Burger, H.U. (2018). A multistate model for early decision making in oncology. arxiv

Statistical publications

[22] Rufibach, K. (2018). Treatment Effect Quantification for Time-to-event Endpoints - Estimands, Analysis Strategies, and beyond. Pharmaceutical Statistics, accepted. doi

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doi|arxiv|R package logcondiscr|

[15] Rufibach, K. (2012). A smooth ROC curve estimator based on log-concave density estimates. Int J Biostat., 8(1), 1-29. doi|arxiv|R package logcondens|
The methodology in this paper is also available in the function smooth() in the R package pROC .

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Technical reports

[TR3] Hubeaux, S.*, Rufibach, K. (2014). SurvRegCensCov: Weibull Regression for a Right-Censored Endpoint with a Censored Covariate. arxiv|R package SurvRegCensCov|
* S. Hubeaux was an intern in Roche Oncology Biostatistics Basel working on this project under my supervision.

[TR2] Balabdaoui, F., Jankowski, H., Rufibach, K., Pavlides, M. (2012). The asymptotic distribution of the discrete log-concave maximum likelihood estimator and related applications: Proofs. Contains the proofs of [16] above.
R package logcondiscr

[TR1] Dümbgen, L., Rufibach, K., Hüsler, A. (2010). Active Set and EM Algorithms for Log-Concave Densities Based on Complete and Censored Data. arxiv|R package logcondens|


Invited discussions

[D1] Rufibach, K. (2010). Proposal of the vote of thanks in discussion of Cule, M., Samworth, R., and Stewart, M.: Maximum likelihood estimation of a multidimensional logconcave density. J. R. Stat. Soc. Ser. B Stat. Methodol., 72(5), 577-578. doi

Refereed proceedings

[P2] Rufibach, K., Walther, G. (2007). Criteria for multiscale inference. Proceedings of the 56th Session of the International Statistical Institute, Lisbon, Portugal, 22-29 August 2007. R package modehunt

[P1] Dümbgen, L., Rufibach, K., Wellner, J.A. (2007). Marshall's lemma for convex density estimation. Asymptotics: Particles, Processes and Inverse problems (E. Cator, G. Jongbloed, C. Kraaikamp, R. Lopuhaä, J.A. Wellner, eds.), pp. 101-107. IMS Lecture Notes - Monograph Series 55, IMS, Hayward, USA. doi|arxiv|

Book review

[BR1] Rufibach, K. (2011). Review of "Introduction to General and Generalized Linear Models" by Henrik Madsen and Poul Thyregod. Biom. J., 53(4), 705-706. doi