A considerable amount of software grew out of my research. Most of this code is made available as packages for the freely available software R and can be downloaded from CRAN. The packages were first uploaded to CRAN in the years indicated.
Depsy provides a measure of personal software impact. The number in the badge gives the "impact percentile", i.e. my overall contribution is ranked higher than that of the given percentage of R package contributors.

[11] Rufibach, K., Jordan, P., Abt, M. (2016). bpp: Computations Around Bayesian Predictive Power.
Paper 1 | Paper 2

[10] Hubeaux, S.*, Rufibach, K. (2014). SurvRegCensCov: Weibull Regression for a Right-Censored Endpoint with an Arbitrarily Censored Covariate. * S. Hubeaux was an intern in Roche Oncology Biostatistics Basel working on this project under my supervision.

[9] Schuhmacher, D., Rufibach, K., Dümbgen L. (2011). logconcens: Maximum likelihood estimation of a log-concave density based on censored data. Paper 1 | Paper 2

[8] Rufibach, K., Balabdaoui, F., Jankowski, H., Weyermann, K. (2011). logcondiscr: Estimate a Log-Concave Probability Mass function from Discrete i.i.d. Observations. Paper

[7] Rufibach, K. (2010). selectMeta: Estimation of weight functions in meta analysis. Paper

[6] Rufibach, K. (2009). OrdFacReg: Least squares, logistic, and Cox-regression with ordered predictors. Paper

[5] Balabdaoui, F., Rufibach, K., Santambrogio, F. (2009). OrdMonReg: Compute least squares estimates of one bounded or two ordered antitonic regression curves. Paper

[4] Rufibach, K. (2008). reporttools: Generate LaTeX tables of descriptive statistics. Paper

[3] Rufibach, K., Walther, G. (2007). modehunt: Multiscale analysis about a density. Paper

[2] Rufibach, K., Müller, S. (2006). smoothtail: Smooth Estimation of GPD Shape Parameter. Paper

[1] Rufibach, K., Dümbgen, L. (2006). logcondens: Estimate a Log-Concave Probability Density from i.i.d. Observations. Paper 1 | Paper 2 | Paper 3 | Paper 4

At Roche I developed three additional packages that collect functions in context of clinical and diagnostic studies and are used by colleagues within Roche.

Contributions to packages under development

Held, L., Rufibach, K., with contributions by others (2017). biostatUZH: Misc Tools of the Department of Biostatistics, EBPI, University of Zurich.

Contributions to R-packages

The methodology introduced in Rufibach, K. (2012), A smooth ROC curve estimator based on log-concave density estimates is also available in the function smooth() in the R package pROC .

Further software

Below you find some R code that has not (yet) made it into a proper R package.

ROC curve estimator based on kernel estimates of the constituent distributions

Confidence intervals in group sequential trials for a binomial parameter

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